Department of Aerospace Geodesy and Land Management

Teaching at the department provides highly qualified team of teachers, including 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 4 senior lecturers, 3 assistant. Total department has 14 teachers and 2 academic-support staff

Department history begins February 11, 2002, when it was established the Department of Land and Cadastre, headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Leonid Lischytovych. These were the years of the department, and the development of training curricula according to the educational qualification characteristics and educational and professional training programs on land management and cadastre. In this period was created academic geodetic laboratory and computer room, a learning process was implemented one of the first GIS for cadastre works “eye.” 

A further milestone in the history of the department was the creation of 30 September 2005 the Department of Geodesy and surveying technology by combining the Department of Land and Cadastre and the GIS department. Head of the department since its unification was appointed Ph.D., associate Hulevtsya Vadim Dmitrievich. In this period are improving relations department of surveying, mapping and land surveying organizations and institutions of Kyiv (Institute of Advanced Technology, Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Department of Land Resources KSCA and others).

The third step in the development department was disconnected March 28, 2007 the existing Department for the Department of Land and Technology Department of Aerospace Geodesy. Chair of Hulevets Vadim Dmitrievich. During this period, the department efforts directed at implementation in practice of land surveying and topographic and geodetic surveys of domestic software products and the close cooperation of the department with the developers of these products SSPE “Geosystem.” Was established cooperation with the company IMR –   a representative of   the corporation   Trimble Navigation  (USA), world leader in producing GPS, optical and laser positioning systems; TVIS company – the first in Ukraine supermarket satellite images and other organizations.

  The fourth stage of the department was the appointment July 1, 2011 Head of the Department PhD, Professor Vasyuhina Mikhail Ivanovich. During this period, the development department in training and working curricula introduced a number of disciplines geo-direction that became a priority with respect to the disciplines of Land Management areas. The basic institution Department’s Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine.

The fifth stage of development department began November 24, 2012 and associated with the appointment of head of the department of land management technologies Doctor of Geological Sciences, senior researcher Myron S. Kovalchuk. From 1 July 2013 the Department of Land technologies renamed the Department of Land Management and Cadastre. During this period the department has strengthened professional training of students by establishing closer cooperation with leading public and private institutions that are engaged in surveying and cartographic activities, work on land management and cadastre, geoinformation technologies. There were changes in educational curricula and to improve the training of highly qualified specialists on land use, land use, land management, land evaluation and property,

In 2014, the Department organized the Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists “Modern technologies in land management, cadastre and land management”, which was held in the National Aviation University with the participation of Derzhheokadastru, Department of Land Resources KCSA leading enterprises of Ukraine. This annual conference was held and the department’s Day surveyor Ukraine. Also, the department had conducted Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Innovative geospatial technology corporation Trimble for land management and cadastre” with the support of CMS (2015) and Ukrainian scientific workshop «GIS – AeroUA-2016″ in cooperation with the GIS Association of Ukraine (( 2016).

From July 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017 Head of the Department ctav Anton Gordeev Yu, Doctor of Geographical Sciences. During this period, the department was established cooperation with the geographical faculty of Shevchenko Kyiv National University, held an international scientific workshop “geodetic support cadastre works”, which were co-Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, company “MMR” company “navigation and geodesic center” and company “TVIS” .

From 1 March 2017 appointed head of the Department of Economics Dr. Irina A. Nowakowski. During this period, the department, in accordance with the Law “On education”, updated training and working curriculum training educational degree “Bachelor” and “Master”, which reflect current qualification requirements for specialists in land management and cadastre and requirements for employers to theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of young professionals. The structure of the educational process focuses on training highly qualified specialists for geodesy, cartography, land use, land management, land evaluation and property, protection and monitoring heosystemnoho land resources, cadastre through GIS, remote sensing data,

During this period, enhanced cooperation with the Institute of Land Resources, Department of Land Resources of Kyiv City State Administration Utilities “Kyiv Institute of Land Relations”, “Kyiv City Center cadastre and land privatization,” the State Service of Ukraine on geodesy, kartohrafiyi and Cadastre State enterprise “Kyiv research and design Institute of land Management.”

In order to develop and deepen mizhnoradnoho cooperation in solving problems in the field of scientific and technological progress and improving the efficiency of teaching and research, the Department zsmleustroyu and inventory signed an agreement on cooperation with foreign partners – Higher Engineering School of Economics in. Rzeszow (Poland ). The agreement aims to develop and support cooperation in the training and retraining of specialists and research in the field of land relations, social life and other related fields. The main areas of cooperation: cooperation in scientific and research projects; Academic exchange for employees, students, post-graduate, doctoral, etc; joint organization of training courses, workshops, seminars and conferences; publishing and exchange of publications. The main forms of cooperation are: educational and research projects; exchange of masters, doctoral student; training (internship) workers.

The organization studies at the department is carried out in a solid relationship with production. Students undergoing practical training, developing courses and master’s works on real production facilities.

One of the main areas of research department at the present stage set Land Management lands aviation purposes.