Project team

Olena Kuznietsova

Project coordinator, Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, National Aviation University, Ph.D in Technical Thermophysics and Heat Power Engineering
In 2005 she defended her PhD Thesis.
Author of more than 60 scientific and educational works. He is the author of 9 patents for inventions.  She has a long-term research and teaching experience in issues related to energy efficiency and environmental protection. In recent years, Olena Kuznietsova examines trends in the development of legislation in the field of energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources in the EU and Ukraine, as well as best practices of EU countries in implementing the principles of low-carbon economy.

Olena Kuznietsova has developed several lecture courses addressing issues related to energy efficiency, energy conservation, energy management and use of alternative energy resources in various industries and the housing sector.
Olena Kuznietsova was a member of the commission for certification of energy auditors.
In 2017-2019 she was the research supervisor of the initiative research work on the topic “Research of ways to improve energy efficiency of residential buildings.”
Research interests: energy policy of the European Union, energy efficiency and energy saving, modern energy technologies with the use of renewable energy sources, bioenergy problems.

Mikhailo Baranovskyy

Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, National Aviation University, Doctor in Agricultural Sciences
In 2004 he defended his doctoral dissertation for the degree of Doctor in Agricultural Sciences in the specialty 03.00.16 – Ecology. In 2005 he was awarded the academic title of professor. He took an active part in international projects under the programs of the European Union TEMPUS – TACIS, APOLLO, under the programs of the British Council, was the coordinator of these projects from Ukraine. Acted as a consultant to the Government of the Netherlands on sustainable agricultural development in Ukraine; was the leader of the Ukrainian-British project on the use of pesticides in agriculture in Ukraine.

He connected his international activities with scientific ones, establishing close ties with environmentalists and biotechnologists who worked in scientific institutions and universities in France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands. He underwent an internship on counseling issues at the Universities of Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, USA; on environmental issues – in scientific institutions of Argentina, France, Germany; for plant protection – at the Zenkenberg Institute (Germany). From 2019 to the present – expert of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, section “Biology, biotechnology and current issues of medical sciences.”

Iryna Korniyenko

Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, National Aviation University, Ph.D.
In 2007 she defended her PhD Thesis at the Research Institute of Environmental Problems (Kharkiv) on “Protection of water bodies from nutrients and suspended solids.” She is the responsible executor of research works registered in UkrNTI:
– “Research of technology of use of biological agents in industrial biotechnology with aspects of improvement of biological sewage treatment” (term of work 01.09.2014-31.08.2016), state registration number 0114U005536;

– “Study of soil condition and the impact of biologically active substances on the growth of crops” (term 01.09.2016 – 31.08.2018), state registration number 0116U005938, Department of Industrial Biotechnology and General Chemistry, DSTU;
– “Improvement of biodegradation technology of organic waste with the use of modern biotechnological drugs” (term of work 2018-2020), state registration number 1186U6871, Department of Industrial Biotechnology and General Chemistry, DSTU.  Scientific interests: biotechnologies of sewage treatment by immobilized biocenosis of activated sludge, bioconversion of plant wastes, bioorganic fertilizers in agriculture, biologically active substances in biotechnologies.

Larysa Yastremska

Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, National Aviation University, Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow
She graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. For more than 15 years she worked in the department of gas-oxidizing microorganisms of the D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She has been working in the higher education system since 2006. In 2008 she defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences on the topic: “The role of anaerobic microorganisms in the transformation of agricultural raw materials into biofuels.”

From 2009 to present – Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology NAU. She participated in the research program of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the topic: “Fundamental aspects of renewable hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies” (2016-2020). She is the supervisor of research works of students which are represented in scientific-practical and international conferences and symposiums, take part in the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers.
Her research interests include the development of scientific and methodological principles for the use of anaerobic microorganisms for the biotransformation of organic raw materials into biofuels and other valuable products; properties of extremophilic microorganisms and their biotechnological potential; development of scientific principles of production, storage and use of hydrogen in autonomous energy supply systems.  Sha is the author of more than 90 scientific and educational works. Larysa Yastremska participates in international and regional symposia and conferences.

Vasyl Gorupa

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biotechnology, National Aviation University, Ph.D

In 2021 he defended his PhD Thesis on “Improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions from the use of hydrocarbons and blended fuels in atmospheric burners.” He is the supervisor of student research and publication works in the areas of environmental safety of technological processes, rational use of nature, automation of technological processes. In 2020-2021, Vasyl Horupa took part in the “Hydrogen Project” of the Regional Gas Company for the study of household gas appliances based on methane-hydrogen mixtures.

Research interests: introduction of technological innovations of sustainable development in technological processes