History and present

Department of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology (FEBIT) was established in 2019 at the Institute of Environmental Safety (2010), which was established at the Faculty of Environmental Safety (up to 2005 Department of Environment) by order of the Rector of the University number 466 / unit . from 12.10. 2018 on the introduction of the decisions of the Academic Council 28.09. 2018 Protocol N6 The faculty trained over 1100 students. Training is carried out by a full three-stage cycle for educational degree “Bachelor”, “Master” and “Doctor of Philosophy”.

Today the Department of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technologies of NAU brings together seven departments – ecology, life safety, chemistry and chemical technology, biotechnology, aerospace and land surveying and cadastre, biomedical engineering, several educational and scientific and industrial centers and laboratories. Our resources are all conditions for proper functioning of the faculty in the following areas: academic work, research, methodical work, work with students.

The faculty has an English form of training, which was initiated by the appearance of the project in English NAU. Last year, the English form of education operated in two specialties: ecology, biotechnology and bioengineering. Currently, the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology also plans to hold a set of students in English language learning.

Specific expected to create opportunities for students – students of the Faculty of the University of new technologies, which tend to speak English and are essentially prepared to learn and perform research on the requirements of modern European universities. Moreover, the research they carry out under the supervision of leading professors of the University and NAS of Ukraine at the forefront of modern science.

It is worth noting grant work:

The program Horizon 2020

  • Grant agreement number 769627 – UKRAINE “management influence aircraft noise by using new approaches”, France (director Alexander I. Zaporozhets)
  • Grant agreement number 769220- UKRAINE “Prospects for aeronautical research in Europe,” Portugal 
    (director Alexander I. Zaporozhets)
  • Grant agreement number 706115- UKRAINE “Creating 
    public instruments for aircraft”, Germany 
    (director Alexander I. Zaporozhets).

The seventh Framework Agreement

  • Grant agreement number 265943- UKRAINE “Networking and coordination of research aircraft noise”, France (director Alexander I. Zaporozhets).

The faculty are published and launched two specialized scientific journals, electronic journal “Problems of Environmental Biotechnology” (published twice a year, editor Isaenko VM) and “Journal astronomical schools” (published twice a year, editor iron ore OO .).

Last year we signed agreements with Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, and Sweden. This program Erasmus +, «Double Diploma” and certainly the joint participation in conferences.

Department of Environmental Safety, Engineering and tehnholohiy proud of its history and confident heading into the future.