Department Biocybernetics and aerospace medicine

Dear entrants!

Congratulations on the page of the Chair of Bio-Cybernetics and Aerospace Medicine!

Today, the Department of Bio-Cybernetics and Aerospace Medicine carries out the training of specialists in the specialties 172 “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering” of the educational-professional program “Biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems” and on the specialty 163 “Biomedical engineering” the educational professional program “Biomedical engineering” of the educational levels “Bachelor” and “Master”.

Teaching of teaching material is conducted on the basis of modern educational technology on the principles of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which involves the modular construction of educational material and the motivation of learning based on the definition of goals, a significant independent educational and cognitive activity of the student and aimed at adapting the training of specialists to the requirements of the Bologna process.


Head of Department,

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kuzovyk VD