Full name Topics of recent diploma works and projects
Kuzovyk Vyacheslav Danilovich1. Means of assessing the human psychophysiological state. 2. Control of the operational parameters of x-ray machines. 3. Automated workplace for medical diagnostics.4. Method of automated segmentation of the electroencephalographic signal. 5. Method of research of the human vestibular apparatus.
Kosheva Larisa Oleksandrivna 1. The device of magnetic reflexology. 2. The device for the local magnetotherapy. 3. Wireless hypoglycemic crisis signaling device. 4. Remote temperature measuring device. 5. Neurostimulator for the patients with reduced mobility.
Bulyhina Olena Vyacheslavivna 1. Method of visualization of the operating activity of a doctor. 2. System for telemetric transmission of electrocardiographic data. 3. Improvement of high-frequency electrosurgical generator. 4. Method of determining disease susceptibility. 5. Technique of database formation for the automated information system.
Burychenko Myhail Yuriyovych 1. Virtual device for the analysis of electrocardiographic signals. 2. The device for generating a reference bio signal. 3. Electroencephalograph based on LabView technology. 4. Block of conversion of electrocardiographic signals. 5. Virtual device for the analysis of phonocardiographic signals.
Ivanets Olga Borisivna 1. Technique of evaluation of kidney dysfunction. 2. The decision-making system for the rehabilitation procedure for United Force Operators (CAB). 3. Technique for assessing the state of the respiratory system. 4. Algorithm for troubleshooting of ultrasonic devices. 5. Technique for assessing biological parameters of wintering grounds.
Kucherenko Valentina Leonidivna 1. Portable cardiograph of family doctor. 2. Forecasting the operational parameters of mammographic systems. 3. The control panel of the apparatus of artificial ventilation of the lungs. 4. System of control of the output parameters of the MRI. 5. The control panel of the apparatus of artificial ventilation of the lungs.
Melnykov Oleg Vyacheslavovich 1. Technique for assessing the quality of CT images. 2. Technique of mathematical modeling of physiological parameters of the cardiovascular system. 3. Technique of modeling human biosignals. 4. Rack design for testing the operating elements of the irrigator aspirator. 5. Universal biosignal amplifier for portable individual devices.
Monchenko Olena Volodymyrivna 1. Method of improving accuracy in ophthalmic ultrasound measurements. 2. Telemetric system for monitoring the patient’s electrocardiogram. 3. The device with improved technical and economic characteristics for ultrasonic diagnostics of the cervical spine. 4. Hospital resource management system. 5. System of control of the functional characteristics of incubators.