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Dear visitors! Welcome to the page of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology! Chemistry is a basic science that is closely related to many sectors of the economy and industry. Modern production of each product does not do without knowledge of chemical processes, so our graduates can apply their knowledge and skills in the widest range of different technologies.   Graduates of our department are competitive in the labor market, and the knowledge gained at the university gives them ample opportunities to realize themselves in any field of activity.   If you want to succeed and establish your position in life, the best opportunity to do it is to choose one from the educational and professional programs  of the 161 specialty “Chemical Technology and Engineering”:   – “Chemical technology of fuel and carbon materials”. After all, oil and its products play a leading role in the resource and energy supply of society. – “Chemical technology of macromolecular compounds”.  Obtaining macromolecular compounds and creating new composite polymer materials based on them is a necessary step for the use of polymers in almost all industries – from household, medical, transport to the space tecnologies.   – “Chemical technology of alternative energy sources” The creation of new modern, relevant technologies for renewable, alternative energy sources is a matter of time.   The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology trains experienced specialists in the specialty “Chemical Technology and Engineering” of all levels of higher education – bachelor, master, doctor of philosophy (candidate of sciences), doctor of sciences. Sincerely, Head of Department,


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