Quality policy

Approved by the Academic Council of the University 
24.06.2008, protocol number

The strategic objective of the National Aviation University have access to positions of leadership in the educational and professional field and be the best in our country in education, training, retraining and advanced training of specialists of different educational levels and stages, performing scientific research and experimental development.

University policy in quality based on the principles of international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 and aims to provide guaranteed customer requirements and expectations of professionals and students of educational services at the level determined by the world market, and continuous upgrading of services using efficient feedback from customers, staff and students.

The main principles of the policy of the University in the field of quality are: 
· Maximum meet the demands and expectations of customers professionals and students. 
· Leadership and personal responsibility of managers at all levels. 
· Professionalism and competence of employees. 
· System and process approach to management. 
· Transparency and consistency of decision-making. 
· Corporate Culture. 
· High Tech. 
· Optimization of costs. 
· Health and Safety.

University policy implementation in the field of quality through: 
– implementation and effective functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system that covers all processes and workers and university students and consistent with its strategic goal; 
– involvement of all staff and students to the culture of quality and promote their creative involvement in its provision; 
– continuous improvement and creative content and expanding the range of educational services with the development of education, science, practice and changes in the labor market; 
– a balance of theoretical and practical training; 
– continuous updating and modernization of material-technical base of the university; – Integration of the educational process and scientific research;
– full of information of all processes of the university; 
– the study and implementation of the educational process of the best achievements of domestic and foreign scientific and pedagogical schools; 
– creating confidence in the university environment and creative collaboration; 
– ensuring effective implementation of the principles of social management for staff and students; – continuous self-control and self-awareness at all levels.

Employees of the National Aviation University are competent professionals in their field of work and personal work and achievements in education and science strive to ensure that the university received deserved recognition and occupied a worthy place in the global education market.

National Aviation University pays special attention to the role of students in quality assurance processes in the development and implementation of educational programs and performing research and experimental development.

Leadership University is a leader in the implementation of quality policy and agrees to carry out the necessary organizational, scientific and methodological and logistical support and support for the work of the University, aimed at realization of its teaching, research and creativity.

Rector M.Kulyk