Educational Activities

Educational Activities at the faculty of environmental safety, engineering and technology based on factors that are relevant in the current period of development of the Ukrainian state, the Law of Ukraine “On Education” (2017), the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” (2014), Law Ukraine “on ensuring organizational and legal conditions for social protection of orphans and children deprived of parental care” (2005), The Cabinet of Ministers of 15 September 1999 r. number 1697 “on approval of a national program of patriotic education of citizens, formation of healthy life of spirituality and strengthen the moral foundations of society “, national program of legal education of the population approved by Decree of the President of Ukraine from October 18, 2001 №992 / 2001, Law of Ukraine” On Physical Culture and Sports “target program” Physical Education – Health nation ” The concept of national education and so on. Working with students is aimed at creating a sustainable system of lifelong learning, education for achieving high educational levels, ensuring continuous spiritual self-identity, the formation of intellectual and cultural potential, as the highest values ​​of the nation.

Educational work at the Faculty is part of the educational process is carried out according to the approved plan, which includes the main directions of the educational process:

– formation of national consciousness and identity;

– raising the spiritual culture of personality, creating conditions for free choice ideological position;

– respect for the Constitution, laws of Ukraine;

– raising the conscious attitude, received the profession and realize their capabilities as a specialist; development of cognitive activity and mental work culture;

– the formation of high culture of speech, respect for other cultures as Ukraine;

– establishment of morality;

– ensuring high artistic and aesthetic cultural identity;

– formation of ecological culture of human relationships the harmony of nature;

– providing spiritual unity between the generations, respect for parents, native people;

– round development of students, health care and so on.

Educational work is carried out according to plan, based on which plans consist of mentors educational groups. The issue of students discussed the operational adminnaradah, faculty meetings, faculty academic council, the commission on crime prevention. Educational Activities at the faculty is in close conjunction with the educational process and is not limited to a variety of activities, and also carried out during the training sessions.

In FEBIT created permanent commissions: scholarship, settlement and prevention. Commission working on a plan educational work of the faculty, if necessary – and unscheduled. Systematically group conducted interviews, held lectures with psychologists and law enforcement officials. If necessary consultations with the service for minors. The faculty is correspondence with parents through which they are informed as achievements and shortcomings and transgressions of their children.

The system of educational work with students involves variation chosen methods, depending on age and individual characteristics of students, professional direction and provides a comprehensive approach to this process.

In the system of the students planned to hold both general and group activities that affect the harmonious development of personality. Attention is drawn to the diversity of themes, forms and methods of educational work, hours of thematic corporate culture, among which we can mention “Symbols of my country”, “Constitution of Ukraine. The Basic Law of our country “,” constitutional law – the basis of the legal system “,” Law is mandatory for all “,” European integration and NATO “,” European state Ukraine “,” Europe is our common home “,” cultural identity, its ability self-improvement “,” environment Impact on the demographic situation in Ukraine “,” I and the environment “and so on.

An important role in the students paid to measures to create a national consciousness. Holidays have become traditional language evenings, Christmas and New Year holidays. Students attend the exhibition and museum exhibitions, held a meeting with prominent people of the country.

The system provides a set of educational activities aimed at the physical development of students. FEBIT Students involved in sports clubs and sports complex sections NAU, participants and winners of city, regional, national and international competitions.

Significant place in the education process given military-patriotic education. Conducted meetings with veterans, persons who have chosen part in the fighting, soldiers – ATO contemporaries. A celebration of the victory over Nazism in World War II, the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks anniversary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, conducted interviews and hours of corporate culture on heroic and patriotic themes.

The faculty and the university held a variety of activities that allow students to demonstrate their skills. The system of educational activities, the activities of the student government at the faculty and in a hostel, working with parents promotes mental and intellectual abilities, provides the conditions fulfillment youth.

Implementation of the main directions of joint activity achieved by the dean, mentor training groups, the teaching faculty and the student government.