Scientific events in 2019

The faculty, the following conference:

1. V All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Modern technologies in land management, cadastre and land management.” •

2. National Scientific Conference of young scientists and students with international participation “Environmental security state.”

3. XXI Scientific Conference “Astronomy school of young scientists. Actual problems of astronomy and space exploration. ”

4. VII International Scientific Conference “Problems himmotology. Theory and practice of sustainable use of traditional and alternative fuels and lubricants. ”

Also held under section university following conferences:

1. Section “Environmental Protection” and “Aviation himmotology” in the framework of the VIII World Congress “Aviation in the XXI century”

Section 2. “Environmental and himmotology”, “Biotechnology”, “Chemical Engineering, Engineering”, “Remote aerospace researches”, “Land Management and Cadastre” in the XIX International scientific conference of young scientists and students “Flight. Modern problems of science “

3. Section «Land management and geodesy», «Biotechnology and biomedical engineering in aviation and cosmonautics», «Remote sensing research», «Chemistry and chemical technology», «Ecological Safety and Aviation Chemmotology” in the XIV International Scientific Conference “Aviation -2019 “