Fields of knowledge (master’s)

Master’s Degree Programs and Educational Programs

Field of knowledge 10 Natural Sciences

Major 101 Ecology

101 – Ecology

Education Programme: Ecology and Environmental Protection

Form of study: full-time / part-time

Field of knowledge 16 Chemical and bioengineering

161 – Chemical technology and engineering

Education Programme: Chemical technology of fuel and carbon materials, full-time / part-time

Education Programme: Chemical technology of polymer compounds, daytime

Education Programme: Chemical technologies of alternative energy sources, daytime

162 – Biotechnology and bioengineering

Education Programme: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, full-time / correspondence

Education Programme: Environmental biotechnology and bioenergy, full-time / correspondence

163 – Biomedical Engineering

Education Programme: Biomedical engineering

Field of knowledge 17 Electronics and Telecommunications

172 – Telecommunications and radio engineering

Education Programme: Biotechnical and medical devices and systems, full-time / correspondence

Field of knowledge 19 Architecture and Construction

193 – Surveying and Land Management

Education Programme: Land management and cadastre, full time / extra time

Education Programme: Geoinformation systems and technologies, daytime

Field of knowledge 26 Civil Security

263 – Civil Security

Education Programme: Civil Protection