Responsible Full Name Tel . Audience
Head of Department KUZOVIK Vyacheslav 406-71-98 3-401
Deputy Head Kosheva Larisa 406-74-42 3-401a
Scientific secretary of the department / clerk Kucherenko Valentina 406-74-42 3-401a
Head of the laboratory Ivanets Boris 406-74-42 3-423a
Work in the Academic Council of FEBIT Kuzovik Vyacheslav Kosheva Larisa 406-71-98 406-74-42 3-401 3-401a
Teaching:   406-74-42 406-71-86 3-401a 3-422
For educational work Burichenko Mikhail 406-74-42 3-401a
For development and registration of educational and work programs of disciplines of the department Melnikov Oleg 406-71-86 3-422
Member of MRRD FEBIT Kosheva Larisa 406-74-42 3-401a
For educational work and work with students Monchenko Olena 406-71-86 3-422
For the QMS Ivanets Boris 406-74-42 3-423a
For research work Ivanets Olga 406-74-42 3-401a
Outside of practice and employment Bulugina Elena Bezvershniuk Karina 406-74-42 406-71-86 3-401a 3-422
For professional orientation work Klyuzko Evgen 406-74-42 3-423a
For the state of the web page Bezvershniuk Karina 406-71-86 3-422
For the organization of the educational process with students-correspondents Kosheva Larisa 406-74-42 3-401a
For DEC and diploma design Melnikov Oleg 406-71-86 3-422
For international cooperation Kosheva Larisa 406-74-42 3-401a
Proforg Monchenko Olena 406-71-86 3-422
For communications of the department with higher educational establishments, research institutes of Ukraine Kuzovik Vyacheslav 406-71-98 3-401
For the organization of the development of CCR and the conduct of the LCD Bezvershniuk Karina 406-71-86 3-422
Normcontroller of diploma works of “Bachelor” and “Master” Graduate manager 406-74-42 406-71-86 3-401a 3-422