Department of Ecology

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Welcome page Department of Ecology;

Perspective shows that a request for experts in the field of ecology and environmental protection is not only in Ukraine but also worldwide.

Today the Department of Environment provides specialist training in “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature” educational qualification of “Bachelor” and in “Ecology and Environment” educational levels “Specialist”, “Master” and training basics of environmental awareness of students of all specialties of the University.

The department has extensive experience in international cooperation. Graduates environmentalists and teachers of the department are trained abroad and have the opportunity to take part in the English project. In 2014 department began training in the new specialty – 161 “Chemical technology of alternative energy.”

Highly qualified teaching staff, which represented 6 doctors and 25 candidates of sciences, organizes continuous and holistic educational process and pervasive practice that allows graduates occupy senior positions in companies and in the bodies of administration.

Teaching learning material produced by modern pedagogical technologies based on ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which provides modular construction of educational material and learning motivation-based objectives, significant independent teaching and cognitive activity of students and aims to adapt training specialists to the Bologna process.

The scientific potential of the department implemented the teachers based on their own development and long-term cooperation with branches in research institutions, universities and the leading enterprises.

PhD, Professor V. Frolov