2019 -2020 academic year
On December 3, 2019 at the Department of Biocybernetics and Aerospace Medicine, a student scientific-practical conference “Modern problems and prospects of biomedical engineering” was held. reported on their developments) After a short vote, the 1st place was given to Trofimets B.Yu. with the report “Methods of research of human brain fatigue” (Scientific Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Burychenko M.Yu.), 2nd place – Yu. “Methods of control of the physiological condition of the pilot during flight” (scientific supervisor Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Monchenko OV).

At the Department of Biocybernetics and Aerospace Medicine an annual student conference “Flight” was held, dedicated to the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. This year was the first time a joint section of students of the Department of Biocybernetics and Aerospace Medicine and students of the Department of Biotechnology. The multicolor of the reports aroused interest and excitement among the participants of the conference) Since there were many participants and the reports were very diverse, it was decided to determine the winners for each department separately. So. WARNING! In the Department of Biocybernetics and Aerospace Medicine, the winners were distributed as follows:
1st place) Timothy Poyda “Improving the accuracy of ultrasound measurements in ophthalmology”, scientific supervisor Ph.D. , Assoc. Monchenko OV,
2nd place) Loginov Anton, Mikhaleva Yulia “Artificial muscles on the pneumatic system”, scientific supervisor dtn, prof. Kosheva LO,
3rd place) Sokolova Marina “Technology of wireless power supply in pacemaker”, scientific supervisor Ph.D., Assoc. Buligina OV
A special place “The Audience Award” was won by Silkin Vladislav with the report “Virtual device for the study of electrocardiograms”, scientific supervisor Ph.D. , Assoc. Burichenko M.Yu.

2018-2019 school year
Pavel Yanchuk participated in and won the Armory Competition among NAU students – September 2018

2017-2018 school year
Musiychuk Christina participated in the Miss IIIDs beauty pageant in November 2017, and repeatedly participated in the NAU Student Spring contest in 2018-2019 – the contest is held annually in April-May

Shavshyna Vladyslav and Boyko Vladyslav – participated in the competition “Student Spring of NAU” in 2018 – the competition was held in April-May, also lead an active social life in the hostel

And here are our pioneers)

2016-2017 school year
Missing Anna participated in the Miss IIids beauty pageant in November 2017.

Freshman debut

“First-year Pro-Profession Dedication”

“What where When?”

Billiards Tournament

“Basketball Competition”
Thank you to all the participants of the competition, you fought for the victory
We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors of the Leipzig Cinema and the Aviator Billiard Club, as well as the organizers of the event, to the Student Council of the NI IIID

We congratulate students on receiving scholarships from the Presidential Foundation Ukraine.
Among the 15,000 NAU students, only the top 5 were selected. Including:

  1. Taras Parashchuk – student of the UB-471 group, winner and winner of a number of scientific competitions.
  2. Bogdan Martyuk – a student of the PM-451 group, winner of various mathematics competitions.
  3. Julia Filipova – student of BM-362 group, winner of various scientific and practical conferences and acting the head of the Student Council of the Institute.

Third place in the # NAU Laser Tag Championship is the company IDIS.

On June 12, 2017, at the meeting of the BICAM Chair, we congratulated our students who are actively engaged in scientific work. The students were awarded diplomas with medals for participating in the International Antarctic Conference from the National Antarctic Science Center, as well as thanks from the BICAM Chair. Congratulations to our students and wish to stay tuned! Thanks for engaging in science, you encourage teachers to work interestingly

List of students awarded with a Thank you from the department:

  1. Deineko K.,
  2. Vasilchenko I.,
  3. G. Gnatyuk,
    4.Koval A.,
  4. Breus A.,
  5. Drach O.,
  6. Barzij M.,
    8.Bylokin M.,
  7. Moskalenko V.,
  8. O. Yarmolyuk,
    List of students awarded for participation in the International Antarctic Conference:
  9. Deineko K.,
  10. Vasilchenko I.,
  11. V. Rudnik,
  12. Grischuk D.,
  13. V. Moskalenko,
  14. G. Gnatyuk,
  15. V. Velichko,
  16. Koval A.,
  17. Fedorov V.,
  18. Breus A.,
  19. Fesenko G.,
  20. Yarmolyuk O.