General Information

Grant agreement: Project 101047602 — EnergyC

Duration: 36 months, 01.02.2022 – 31.01.2025

Objectives and expected results of the project

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to the world. The leader in addressing these challenges is the European Union. The EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050. Reaching this target such an action as decarbonizing the energy sector is required. Today, the problems of negative impact on the environment from the use of fossil fuels and low energy efficiency are extremely important for Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine has a great potential for the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources in all sectors of the economy, so the European experience in the decarbonization of the energy sector is extremely important for Ukraine.
The project addresses the issues relevant to European policy and good practices in the efficient use of energy resources and movement to a clean, circular economy.
The objective of the project is to promote positive examples of European energy policies and energy saving practices, environmentally friendly energy technologies and sustainable development.

The specific objectives are:
1. Provision of students with knowledge about EU policies in the field of circular economy, the use of renewable energy sources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
2. Analysis of the current state and perspectives for clean energy development in the EU and Ukraine. Analysis of possible challenges arising from the implementation of the principles of “low-carbon economy”.
3. Promotion of low-carbon economy ideas among the public.

Such activities are planned: teaching, research, organization of events (three round tables and a conference), the design of a website and a Facebook page, publication of training materials and peer review papers).
Dissemination and exploitation of project results will go beyond directly involved stakeholders. It is planned to involve civil society actors, politicians, civil servants, representatives of the media, specialists at various levels.
The main outputs of the project are an increase of awareness of wide public in key aspects of EU energy strategies, and transformation of this knowledge into practical approaches for effective energy use and clean energy technologies development in Ukraine. The project will promote the European ideas of low-carbon economy and formation of environmental consciousness. The implementation of the project will facilitate Ukraine’s transition towards low-carbon economy, using European best practices.

Planned activities
• Development and teaching of the academic course “Clean Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency: the EU Experience”
• Publication of a synopsis of lectures “Clean Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency: the EU Experience”
• Conducting research in the field of EU energy policy, European practices and mechanisms for implementing the ideas of low-carbon economy
• Holding round tables: “Development of bioenergy in the EU and Ukraine”, “Towards a low-carbon economy”, “Sustainable energy”
• Holding a scientific-practical conference “Prospects for the development of renewable energy in the European Union and Ukraine”