Feast Day of chemists in the Days of Science and Innovation at the Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology

May 28, 2019, in the Days of Science and Innovation at the Faculty of environmental safety, engineering and technology on a large scale chemists of NAUcelebrated their professional holiday. Sixteenth concert “Chemist Day” is traditionally held in the hall of the first building. Members and guests of the festival, among whom were high school students, their teachers and applicants have witnessed unforgettable events organized by faculty, students and graduates of chemistry and chemical engineering and other faculty. Creative teams showed their numbers in the scene dedicated to chemical science, including entertainment chemical experiments, prior to which enthusiastically doluchalasya and the audience; teachers and management faculty activists celebrated this traditional event and winners Chemical brain-ring, which was held a few days before the holiday.

We invite everyone to a chemist in NAU’s Day next year!


Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Gayevska Tatiana 093-404-28-04