Modern biotechnologies of phytobacterial remediation of the environment

There was an open meeting at the department of biotechnology FEBIT on 02.10.2019, wheredoctor of technical sciences, Head of Biology Department of Extremophilic Microorganisms of Microbiology and Virusology Institute named after D.K. Zabolotnyi of NAS of Ukraine – Tashirev Oleksandr Borysovych presented it with a topic: “Modern biotechnologies of phytobacterial remediation of the environment”. Public present: students of 2-5 FEBIT grades, teachers, guests.

The lecture considered the theoretical concept of thermodynamic prediction of the

interaction of microorganisms with metals, and on the basis of it the department developed totally new effective technologies of industrial wastewater purification and remediation of the environment from xenobiotics (synthetic organic compounds, toxic metals and radionuclides).

“Mixed microbal groups” have been separated (MMG) and technologies based on microbial granular biocatalyst (MBC) have been developed. Microbial preparation purifies wastes from metals over a large concentration range, — from 1,0 mg/l to 10000 mg/l. Isolated microorganisms not only grow in the presence of toxic metals (e.g., chromium (VI), copper (II), etc.).), but also actively interact with them.The interference isadjustable. For example, one can shift microbial metabolism towards reduction of soluble copper (II) to insoluble copper (I) in the form of Cu2O.

Biothermodynamics allows to theoretically justify and choose the optimal metabolic pathway of interaction of microorganisms with metals.

The developed technologies provide not only effective treatment of waste water from metals, but also the production of valuable products, such as metal concentrate and technically pure recycled water.The technologies passed initial and industrial tests with a positive result at the special plant”Radon “(treatment of liquid radioactive waste water) and the plant of municipal engineering”Kommash ” (treatment of metal-containing galvanic waste water).