Professional subjects of the department

OPP “Chemical technology of fuels”, “Chemical technology of macromolecular compounds”

The list of disciplines of the educational degree “BACHELOR”:


Ukrainian language
Foreign Language
Physical Education
Higher mathematics
General and inorganic chemistry
Ecological chemistry
Computational mathematics and programming
Engineering graphics
Entry to the profession
Primary oil refining technology
Chemistry of monomers


Organic chemistry
Mathematical modeling and optimization of chemical technology objects
Computational mathematics and programming
Fundamentals of prospecting and extraction of natural energy sources
Physico-chemistry of polymers
Organic chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Chemistry and physics of oil
Chemistry of natural energy and carbon materials
Physico-chemical bases of obtaining paints and varnishes
Electrical engineering and basics of electronics


Processes and apparatus of chemical production
Analytical chemistry
Physical chemistry
Electrical engineering and basics of electronics
Chemistry and physics of oil
Military training (selective)
Industrial petrochemistry
Chemistry of macromolecular compounds
Instrumental methods of chemical analysis
Control and management of chemical-technological processes
Industrial petrochemistry
Chemistry and technology of elastomers


General chemical technology
Economics, organization and management of chemical enterprises
Fundamentals of chemical production design
Basics of labor protection
Lubricant production technology
Corrosion of materials
Modeling of physicochemical properties of hydrocarbon systems
Foreign language (for professional purposes)
Transportation of oil and its products
Military training (selective)
Physico-chemical bases of obtaining paints and varnishes
Technological bases of production of polymeric coverings
Quality control of paints and varnishes
Equipment for the production of macromolecular compounds and paints and varnishes
Surface phenomena and dispersed systems (Colloid chemistry)
Deep oil refining technology
Chemistry of lubricants
Gas chemistry
Oil and gas refining equipment
Technology of production of macromolecular compounds
Physico-chemical bases of obtaining paints and varnishes
Chemistry of pigments and fillers
Chemistry and technology of oligomers for coatings

OPP “Chemical technologies of alternative energy resources”


Name of discipline
Alternative energy resources. Entry to the profession
Chemical technology for processing traditional and alternative raw materials
Mineral resource base of natural and alternative energy sources
Technical regulation, standardization and certification
Energy technology and resource saving
Alternative aviation fuels and lubricants
Technology of production of motor fuels from alternative raw materials 
Technologies of modification, optimization of structure and operational properties of alternative motor fuels
Physico-chemical methods of analysis of traditional and alternative fuels and lubricants 
Technologies for supply, transportation, storage, shipment, refueling and accounting of alternative motor fuels 
Fundamentals of hydrogen energy
Substantiation of production projects and introduction of alternative energy sources
Technology of production of lubricants from traditional and alternative raw materials
Organization of tests of alternative motor fuels and lubricants 
Special processes and equipment for the production of alternative fuels 
Fundamentals of tribochemical processes 
Control and management of alternative chemical-technological processes
Recycling and utilization of fuels and lubricants
Fundamentals of chemotology


Name of discipline
Toxicity of fuels and lubricants
Methodology of scientific research and processing of experimental data
Modern technological processes of obtaining alternative energy resources
Computer technologies for designing processes for obtaining alternative energy resources
Strategies for implementing alternative energy technologies
Synthesis of motor fuels
Biotechnology in the production of biofuels
Mathematical modeling and optimization of chemical-technological processes
Automatic control systems of technological processes in chemical productions 
Use of fuels, lubricants with the use of alternative components
Promising power supplies for vehicles
Additives in the production of modern fuels