Areas of scientific activity of the Department of Biotechnology

• Obtaining of biologically active substances such as proteins, enzymes, insulin, interferon, growth hormones, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, antibiotics and various biological products using living organisms (cells of microorganisms, animals and plants) for the needs of veterinary, perfumery, food and other industries;

• Development of the concept of an ecologically balanced system of the aviation industry;

• Selection of methanogenic microorganisms and development of biofuel production technology;

• Solution of scientific and applied problems of biological safety of airports and air transport;

• Development of theoretical and practical foundations of dispersion and extraction of plant raw materials, development of functional food products using botanical extracts;

• Microbiological aspects of biotechnological production of environmentally friendly products;

• Development of technologies for soil bioremediation from technogenic pollution;

• Theoretical and practical foundations of biofuel production;

• Development of technologies for control of microbial contamination of aviation fuels;

• Solution of current and promising biotechnological problems in the field of air, water and soil safety control;

• Study of the influence of nanoparticles on the vital activity of various types of microorganisms.