Major courses

1 Anatomy and physiology of plants
2 Bioengineering
3 Bioengineering and molecular biotechnology
4 Cell biology
5 Bioremediation
6 Biotechnology of plant and animal cultures
7 Biotechnology of water treatment
8 Biochemistry
9 Biochemistry of biological agents
10 Introduction to the specialty
11 Genetics
12 Ecobiotechnology for aviation and astronautics
13 Environmental biotechnology
14 Environmental safety of biotechnological industries
15 Environmental immunology
16 Environmental audit of biotechnological enterprises
18 Rapid analysis in biotechnology and ecology
19 General biotechnology
20 General Microbiology and Virology
21 Information systems in ecobiotechnology
22 Information technology in the pharmaceutical industry
23 Design of equipment for biotechnological production
24 Control and management of biotechnological processes
25 Space biotechnology and astrobiology
26 Methods of analysis of biotechnological industries
27 Methods of immunological research
28 Microbiology of biological agents
29 Molecular Biotechnology
30 Regulatory support of biotechnological industries
31 Bioenergy Basics
32 Fundamentals of Immunology
33 Fundamentals of Scientific Research
34 Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy
35 Natural Microbiology
36 Design of biotechnological production
37 Industrial technology of medicines
38 Processes and apparatus of biotechnological production
39 Socio-economic systems in biotechnology
40 Special physical and chemical methods of control of biotechnological industries
41 Standardization, certification and licensing of products
42 Standardization and quality systems in the field
44 Modern trends in biotechnology
45 Theoretical Foundations of Biotechnology
46 Technical bioenergy
47 Technology of immunobiological preparations
48 Technology of enzyme preparations and vitamins
49 Disposal of waste from biotechnological industries
50 Pharmaceutical biotechnology
51 Pharmaceutical drug development
52 Pharmaceutical chemistry
53 Human physiology and ecology