International relations of the Biotechnology Department:

1. Poland, The University of Opole (Polish: Uniwersytet Opolski)

2. Slovakia., Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

3. Bulgaria, Plovdiv. Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute.

4. Belarus., G. Minsk. Belarusian State University.

5. Peru., G. Arequipa, University of San Augustin,.

6. Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

7. Setting up scientific and educational contacts with the University of Wale and the University of Nottingham, Great Britain.

International cooperation of the Biotechnology Department of the Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology of the National Aviation University is aimed at finding and creating new opportunities for the scientific growth of scientific and pedagogical workers and students, raising internal scientific and educational standards, promoting the spread of a positive image of Ukraine and Ukrainian science and education abroad. the Biotechnology Department actively develop a network of contacts with foreign higher educational institutions and specialists in the biotechnology industry to establish international cooperation.

The main directions of international cooperation of the Biotechnology Department:

– attracting scientists, specialists in the field of biotechnology of foreign universities and other institutions, employees of embassies, international foundations and organizations, to conduct thematic lectures, courses and master classes for students of the Biotechnology Department of the Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology of NAU (Specialists from such countries as Sweden, France, Belgium, USA, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, China, Peru, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, etc. were involved only for the period 2013-2017)

– internship of students, internships and lecturing of the teaching staff of the Biotechnology Department in foreign educational and scientific institutions (in total for the period 2013-2017, 5 students and 5 scientific and pedagogical workers worked in Poland, Peru, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, England)

– established and maintained contacts with foreign graduates and those who continued their studies abroad, to popularize and attract students from foreign countries to study at the Biotechnology Department and scientific cooperation (The department maintains relations with our graduates in Poland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Peru, Vietnam, Iran, etc.)

– participation of students, graduate students, scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers of the Biotechnology Department in international conferences in Ukraine and international foreign conferences, symposium, round tables (in total for the period 2013-2017, scientific and pedagogical workers took part in 9 international conferences, which were held in foreign educational institutions) 

– activation of publications of scientific and pedagogical workers of the Biotechnology Department of NAU in international scientific publications included in the scientometric databases SCOPUS, Web of Science, Google Scholar, etc. (In total, 105 scientific papers were published for the period 2013-2017)

– an increase in the representation of the scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the institute in the editorial boards of foreign scientific publications and the attraction of well-known foreign scientists to the editorial board of the journal “Scientific works of the National Aviation University, the series” Ecobiotechnology “,” Vestnik NAU “(in 2017, the editorial board includes 5 foreign scientists and specialists);

– holding international congresses, symposia, conferences with the involvement and participation of foreign specialists in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, microbiology, astrobiology, space eco-biotechnology; heads of biotechnological firms, factories, scientific academic institutes, practitioners, joint organization of conferences in European countries (in total for the period 2013-2017 was involved in the joint organization of international conferences – famous scientists and practical specialists from 8 countries of the world; The Biotechnology Department of NAU was a co-organizer of conferences in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Peru, England)

– implementation of joint publishing activities with foreign publishing houses, scientific and educational institutions and the exchange of scientific printed products (an agreement was signed with the Slovak publishing house on joint publishing activities);

– conclusion of bilateral and multilateral agreements on cooperation with higher educational institutions and research institutions of foreign countries (agreements were signed with 8 foreign higher educational institutions)        

– the integration of the professional edition “Scientific Works of the National Aviation University” into the international database Index Copernicus was carried out and received by ICV 2014 (Index Copernicus). By agreement with the staff of the University of San Augustin., G. Arequipa, Peru, they will distribute the journal Vestnik NAU on the American continent.