Professional orientation work of the Department of Biotechnology was carried out in schools in Kiev

In December 2019, employees of the Department of Biotechnology came to Kiev schools (No. 285, No. 29 and No. 306) in order to familiarize future applicants with the biotechnology profession.

During the meeting, students learned about biotechnology, its modern trends, and career prospects in this area.

  What is Biotechnology?

The word “Biotechnology” comes from the combination of the Greek words “bios” – life, “techne” – skill, art and “logos” doctrine.

Biotechnology as a science is at the intersection of cellular and molecular biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry and bioorganic chemistry.

The profession is suitable for those who are interested in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Biotechnology is a wide range of technologies that use living cells and biological molecules to solve human problems in providing themselves with important products (food, medicine, etc.).

The challenge facing modern biotechnology is the creation of new biomolecules, microorganisms, plants, animals, drugs, diagnostic products, as well as production technologies for the needs of mankind.

Where can a biotechnologist work?

Where can a biotechnologist work?

Biotechnologists can work as biochemists, biologists, virologists, microbiologists.

The biotechnologist can work:

• in the pharmaceutical, medical, microbiological, energy, processing, food, agricultural, space and aviation, scientific, educational fields;

• in laboratories;

• in research institutions of quality control and product certification;

• in research institutions and higher educational institutions.

Future students have learned about the process of studying at the Department of Biotechnology of NAU in the specialty 162 “Biotechnology and Bioengineering”, admission rules, as well as about student life at the university.

Training of specialists at the department is carried out by educational and professional programs:

• Pharmaceutical biotechnology

• Environmental biotechnology and bioenergy

The following subjects are required for entry

1. Ukrainian language. (basic level)

2. Biology.

3. Chemistry or mathematics.

You can find out more information about the Department of Biotechnology by visiting our website, and also you can ask questions on the our page in FACEBOOK.