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Teaching Staff:

Zhelezniak Oleg 
Head of the Department of Aerospace Geodesy, Doctor of Sciences (01.03.02 -Astrofizyka, radio astronomy), professor
researching the dynamics of self-gravitating systems, gravity and aerospace exploration areas, efficient land use, economic and mathematical modeling of transport system analysis. 
Disciplines: “Higher Geodesy”, “Satellite Geodesy and spherical astronomy”, “research methodology”. 
He was awarded the distinction of “Honorary surveyor Ukraine.” 
Author of over 100 scientific and methodological works, 2 monographs and a textbook, 7 patents in the field of digital photogrammetry and gravimetry.
Zhavoronkova Galina 
of economic sciences ( economics, organization and management), Professor (management companies). 
Areas of research: information economics, management in the information economy, intellectual activity, business economics of air transport. 
Teaching subjects: “GIS in the management of territories”, “Heolohistyka”, “Planning and management of GIS projects,” “Methods of assessment of land and property.” 
Author of over 320 scientific and educational works, including 27 books, 5 teaching aids (2 labeled with MES), 2 lectures. 
Under her leadership, 1 doctor and 9 PhD theses.
Candidate of Sciences (05.07.12 – remote aerospace research), assistant professor of aerospace geodesy
research interests include higher geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems and technologies. Disciplines: “Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing”, “GIS and database”, “Space photogrammetry”, “Geodetic gravimetry”. The author of over 30 scientific publications, including 16 patents and utility models in the field of geodesy and photogrammetry.
VELYKODSKYY Yuri Ivanovich 
Candidate of Sciences (01.03.03 – Heliophysics and physics of the solar system), senior researcher 

Research interests: physics of planetary surfaces and atmospheres, the law of light reflection surfaces of the Moon and planets, moon absolute photometry, planetary mapping, fotoklinometriya, processing astronomical and space images, software development for the treatment zobrazhen.Vykladaye discipline “Satellite geodesy and spherical astronomy”, “processing of digital images aerospace”, “C Programming C “, ” Earth surveying system . ” 
Author of over 100 scientific papers. 10. Has Code worst  Profile Scopus
Gladilina Valeriy 
Ph.D. (05.24.01 – Geodesy) Associate

Main areas of research: deformation processing equipment, processing of distance measurement work in GIS systems. 
Teaching subjects: “Topography”, “astronomical and geodetic instruments”, “Mathematical processing of geodetic measurements.” 
He was awarded the medal “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” (2005), Certificate of Honor and Gratitude of Kyiv Mayor (2005, 2002) and Diploma of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2007) 
author of over 60 scientific papers, including 2 monograph.
ISHCHENKO Marina Viktorovna 
Candidate of Sciences (01.03.01 – Astrometry, celestial mechanics), senior researcher of the Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine, assistant professor of aerospace geodesy. 

Field of research: processing GNSS observations, the rate of GNSS stations and geodynamic interpretation. Support of constantly Ukrainian GNSS network. 
Winner of the President of Ukraine scholarships for young scientists. 
Disciplines: “Navigation Satellite System,” “Space GIS”, “Fundamentals of geophysics.” 
The author of over 20 scientific papers.
Nikolaenko Aleksandr E. 
PhD (05.13.04 – Arms and military equipment), Senior Fellow

Research relating to digital signal processing and imaging. 
Teaching subjects: “Space GIS”, “Radioheodeziya and navigation”, “Earth environmental monitoring methods”, “Heolohistyka.” 
The author of over 40 scientific publications.
Tereshchenko Andrey 
Candidate of Sciences (01.03.01 – Astrometry, celestial mechanics), associate professor of “Aerospace Geodesy Department

Field of research: the dynamics of self-gravitating systems, celestial mechanics, digital image processing, economic and mathematical modeling. 
Disciplines: “Higher Geodesy”, “Mathematical processing of geodetic measurements”, “Computer Graphics”, “Geo”, “Fundamentals of numerical methods.” 
Has 25 scientific papers.
Larisa bangs 
Candidate of Sciences (01.03.02 – Astrophysics and radio astronomy), Associate

Scientific research: spectroscopy and photometry of comets, krateroutvorennya. 
Winner of the President of Ukraine for young vchenyh.Vykladaye discipline, “Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing”, “Fundamentals of digital photogrammetry,” “Space photogrammetry.” 
Author of more than 50 scientific and educational works, including 1 textbook.
HEBRYN-Bayda Lily V. 
 PhD (05.24.04 – Cadastre and land monitoring)

Research Focus: processing satellite images, remote aerospace research methods, evaluation of land and real estate, land monitoring. 
Disciplines: “Topography”, “Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing”, “Methods of assessment of land and property.” 
The author of over 30 scientific papers.

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